Debugging - Windows Error Reporting - TestWER (JIT Debugger Test)


TestWER tools: testwer.exe & testwer64.exe


• Acquire the TestWER tools.
    · http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX111901

• Run testwer.exe.
    · In the window 'Test Windows Error Reporting':
        · Check: ‘Software exception’
        · Click the ‘lightning’ button.

    · In the dialog box 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library', click: 'OK'

    · In the dialog box 'Test Windows Error Reporting (former Test Default Debugger) Tool', click: 'Close the program'

    · Ensure a dump of testwer.exe was created.
        · The dump folder is defined by the existing WER debugger configuration.
        · If no WER configuration exists, then Windows may create a dump elsewhere, or create no dump at all depending upon WER or JIT configuration.

• On an x64 node: Repeat this procedure using testwer64.exe in addition to testwer.exe.


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